BCS manufactures advanced medical devices and provides invaluable design consultation services for orthopedic organizations from the entrepreneurial start-up to the largest companies within the industry. At BCS, our manufacturing expertise covers a wide-range of advanced devices including orthopedic implants and instrumentation for total reconstructive systems of the hip, knee, shoulder, and spine. Many of the devices and systems listed here represent products currently manufactured at BCS with our long-term strategic partners.

The product images presented here were selected to illustrate the wide variety of orthopedic implants and instruments that have been manufactured at BCS and delivered to the customer. Please feel free to contact our Customer Relations department for an in-depth discussion of your orthopedic manufacturing requirements.

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Orthopedic Product Capabilities and Depth

Spinal Instruments

Complete Spine Instrument Systems

Oracle Retractors w/Titanium BladesOracle Retractors w/Titanium Blades

Trigger Style/Lever Style PersuadersTrigger Style/Lever Style Persuaders

Torque WrenchesTorque Wrenches

Anti-Torque Alignment TubeAnti-Torque Alignment Tube

In-Situ Rod Benders

Ratcheting Rod CuttersRatcheting Rod Cutters

Medial/Lateral Rod Benders

Rod Quick LockersRod Quick Locker

Bi-Directional Ratchet T-Handles w/Chuck

Pear-Handles w/quick connect Chucks

Endoscopic Vertebral Compressor

Void Creation DevicesVoid Creation Devices

Sgl/Dbl Barrel Cervical Drill Guides

Cap InsertersCap Inserters

Cervical Spacer Trials

Side Medial BladesSide Medial Blades

Threaded Rod Reducers

Spinal Implants

Single Segment Cervical Plates

Multiple Segment Cervical Plates Multiple Segment Cervical Plates

Cervical Plate Extensions

Lumbar Plates

Dynamic Plates

Spinal Cages Spinal Cages

Axial Connectors

Anterior Fixation Devices Anterior Fixation Devices

Lateral Connectors

Transverse Connectors

Transverse Connectors w/Rod

Transverse Connector Clamps

Cross ConnectorsCross Connectors

Crosslink Connectors

Fixation Washers

Spinal ScrewsSpinal Screws

Spinal Rods

Spinal StaplesSpinal Staples


Hip Instruments

Resection Guide

Broach Handles

Cup Positioners

Calcar PlanersCalcar Planers

Stem Inserters

IM Reamers

Drill Guides



Knee & Shoulder Instruments

Patella Resection Guides Patella Resection Guide

Patella Clamps/Drill Guides

Distal Cut Guide Scaffolding

Finish Cut Guides Finish Cut Guides

Humeral Resection Guides

Humeral Resection Stem Inserter

Glenoid Broaches/Drill Guides

Humeral Reamer

Pin Pullers Pin Puller with Headed Pin

Headed and Headless Pins Headed and Headless Pins


Hip, Knee & Shoulder Implants

Tibial Trays

Tibial Bearing Inserts

All-poly Glenoid

Modular Femoral/Tibial Stems

Modular Acetabular Cup Liners

Patella Components


Total Reconstructive Systems

Knee Reconstructive Systems

Hip Reconstructive Systems

Spinal Instruments and Implants

Fusion Systems

Full Motion Systems



If you are interested in a career with a precision machining center, making contributions to manufacture the next generation orthopedic design, then join the BCS team and become part of a growing medical device manufacturing company. BCS provides excellent health and retirement benefits and a clean, professional working atmosphere. Follow the careers link to view current BCS openings, or to send us your resume online.        

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BCS provides a comprehensive package of manufacturing services for the medical community with primary focus on orthopedic devices. Our direct manufacturing, machining and assembly of orthopedic implants and instrumentation for total reconstructive systems are only a portion of what is provided. Additionally, many value-added customer support services are provided throughout the product development life-cycle, including: machining, prototyping, and design consultation.

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Orthopedic Product Gallery